Draonite and Gambling Law

Dragonite and Dragons comply with gambling laws. Gambling is only legal in many countries from the age of 18. Do you want to lose thousands of players? Drawing a Dragon is pure luck. Or should one say arbitrariness? Some players get each of the 6 dragons in just one try and thus only spend 3000 dragonite, other players have already used more than 30000 dragonite and still not complete all dragons. Some players are overreached here for weeks, others are clearly disadvantaged. Dragonite is a gamble. Are they going to change this, especially for future updates, or do they want Gems of War to remain unfair? Do you want to lose players?


You know, that the game had gambling since it very first day?
Ever opened a gold chest?


I totally get where you’re coming from. The whole Dragonite situation can feel like a total gamble. But let’s not forget that gambling laws are in place for a reason. We don’t want minors blowing their hard-earned cash on casinos, do we? I mean, who wants to lose thousands of players because they didn’t follow the rules? It’s not worth it, dude. Plus, let’s be real here, drawing a Dragon is pretty damn random. Some players get lucky and get all 6 in one go, while others spend more than 30000 dragonite and still don’t complete the set. It’s totally unfair and can really grind your gears.

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AFAIK we have drop rates for chests. No such rates for Dragon Eggs.

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Actually, we have exactly the same granularity of drop rate information. Chests disclose the chance by rarity, e.g. 0.11% chance to pull a mythic troop. Dragons Eggs also disclose the chancy by rarity, 100% chance to pull a mythic troop. Of course, in reality that information is basically worthless, for several obvious reasons.


In a pool where there are cards of different levels, the important data is the ratio between different card level available. If the pool is all mythics, then the important data is if all mythics have ugual probability to appear or not. Do we have this spelled out anywhere?


This is a loot box game plain and simple, not only when it comes to dragons. I recommend only spending actual money if you know what you are getting, otherwise you are literally gambling.


It does seem like a bit of a luck-based game, and I can see how it might feel unfair when some players hit the jackpot quickly while others struggle for weeks to complete their dragon collection.

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I hope the game developers take your feedback into account for future updates to make the Dragonite experience more balanced and enjoyable for all players.

No, but community data supports that the drop rate is equal for any specific Gem Dragon.

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For reference:

Granted, this is a small sample size, relatively speaking, but there is no dataset I am aware of that points to the odds being rigged.

I think OP’s point is that the odds should be revealed in-game regardless, which I fully agree with.

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Does this only apply to gem dragons or are we also including all those times troops are said to be available and are not? Missing mythics in events chests, tarot not in the vault when stated, Event related troops(bounty, legends reborn, etc.)

It’s crazy how some players get all the dragons in a few tries while others keep grinding for ages. Let’s hope the devs are listening and maybe tweak things a bit to make it more even in future updates. We all want Gems of War to be a blast and fair for everyone, right?

…this was the complaint from day one, but currently there are no strategies beyond adding additional ways to acquire the currency (Dragonite Gnome, Wandering Merchants, Underspire).

Even actual casino games tend to provide some illusion of player agency/strategy in the outcome…


Yes this has really taken all the fun out of the game for me. I do not have everything in the game at all - still missing around 40 mythics or something, so I am not whining because I am missing one final troop etc. The cost has been completely unfair in exactly what others have described…some getting all 6 straight away and others spending 30 000 gems etc. and on top of that I suspect that high Level VIP players are sucked even more on purpose.

And now some new Cosmic or Comet Dragons or something are being planned…do another set of this kind of extreme RNG / Gambling and it is my final goodbye.

I joined because I thought this was a game not a slot machine. Yes I know there are other RNG/Gambling elements in the game, but not as extreme as this.

Not just Dragonite, the “The Devil” Tarot troop also has a very low rate, I’ve been playing for 2 years, and so far I’ve only managed to get 3 out of the 5 needed to make the “Trick or Treat” weapon.


Just know that the tarot card, “the devil” can only be obtained from the limited time Halloween event. It cannot be obtained from the vault using vault keys.

I have forgotten how painful it is to save up 550 Dragonites, now - then get duplicate after duplicate.

This system could only have been better lol


Please, do not spread misinformation (in case somebody is actually reading and taking something away from this thread).
It was impossible to get even close to such number during the release battlecrasher event, so majority must’ve come from vault keys, right?


I definitely didn’t get mine from the limited time Halloween event. I got mine from the Vault keys.


Don’t feed the AI spam machine, folks. That’s just an ad for a casino.

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