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Drain mana question

i’m a little confused,
as per name abilty it should “drain” so steal mana from enemy and add it to mine, but seems that only deplete from enemy with no addiction to self.
it is some kind of bug or i misunderstood the spell?
still have to do some trial for specific report but i’ve noticed in different units


The only troop that steals mana is Psion. All other mana is just removed.

Edit: Actually, Morthani’s Will does, too, if I recall. My bad.

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thanks! i’ll try a comparison on the first occasion

When it says “drain” mana, it means reduce mana by the given amount (or reduce to zero, if no amount is stated).

When it says “steal” mana, it means reduce mana by the given amount (or all of it, if no amount is stated), and gain that much.

Steal/drain mana should probably have tooltips, like steal life/true damage do.

Special case is Morthani’s Will, which explicitly states it “drains” mana (reduces to zero) AND gains half of it.


Mana Burn confuses things also

Mana burn does not drain mana at all.

Hence the confusion for those unfamiliar. Like the OP

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I see mana burn as using mana as fuel to burn enemies, but the way it is, it uses your mana to as fuel to burn the enemy for how much mana they have.

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The mana burn here is more like old mtg, leftover mana=damage, not like dota mana burn.

Drain is one that’s also a bit confusing bc it usually means in modern games to steal. Other game terminology it usually means to reduce to 0, like how a sink drains water.

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