Dragons problems(resolved)

It seems that dragons are a very common team overpowered.

  • Krystenzx damages all enmies for a large amount of damage AND summons a Silver Drakon

  • Sylvanimora damages everybody for usually around 10 damage AND explodes a column.

  • The Dragon Soul explodes gems and deals 8 damage+3 for each Dragon ally, including itself, to everybody.

These Dragons are powerful at damaging everybody and either summon a new troop or exploding things to charge others and themselves up again.

I must thank Mithran and others for showing easier ways to kill dragons and to see how they are not as overpowered as I originally thought and they just have their own special counter.

Congrats you the # 1000 to ask for a nerf
You won the right to complain.

Maybe try dragon cruncher he love dragon team


I hate to disagree with you about overpowered.

Take this team -Gorgotha, Psion, Famine, (fill in for any of these, another Famine, death, Abynissa, Elemaugrim, War) It will take out most dragon teams if the dragon team does not get lucky from the start. - TRUST ME - I know…

Right now in GW, I have a two pair that I use in almost all of my battles this last week Kry/Dragon Soul (and I fill in with that day’s colors) - This is the first week ever I have beaten a two famine team and part of it was a cascade drop on the first draw - Filled up all my team and one attack before they got a turn.

There are far more powerful teams out here than dragons…


I personally have no problem with any dragon except krys. Too good anywhere you put him: Can tank in front with his first two traits (can’t be entangled + stoneskin is not bad), can be reliable damage dealer with powerful aoe spell, can summon meat shield that has insane synergy with him (wtf its a purple user with water link, it almost doesn’t get any better), PLUS his spell has minor board control/mana deny in it.

Feel like he’s better than most mythics.

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Are you a pretty new player? Sylvanimora does much more damage than that once you have your kingdoms maxed. I’m end game and I only use dragon’s for daily tasks really. They’re fun but there’s better troops with more synergy than dragon teams.

Thanks for the suggestion of a team that will work well, I however do not have any mythic creatures so that might some of my problem against dragons.

No, I’m not a new player, that’s just what I’ve seen damage wise for other people.

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Oh no not another nerf thread.
Dragon’s are not overpowered.
I have no problem defeating Dragon teams.
Try EK, Marlith, Lady Sapphira, Spirit Fox


Or 2 moloch with a dragon soul/gorgotha etc etc etc

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I thought dragons were one of the types of troops that were good just the way they are. Strong enough to win most games if you play right, and not so strong that they cant lose.


Or any of these at the helm:


Preferably with a skull generator or converter supporting it:



Sylvanimora and Dragon Soul are not OP when it comes to damage. The damage is actually just right or even on the low side considering they do offer utility.

Now, K dragon? Might do too much damage. I don’t think he’s broken though.

Most dragon teams I’ve played are an average time to kill. They aren’t speed clears. They are safe teams that can win battles at an average pace.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played but I remember the dragon team being my staple since I am usually unlucky with RNG. When I was playing, endgame damage was around 20 AOE, which a lot of other aoe cards could do.

Dragons can’t be overpowered, they’re dragons! It’s like saying water is too wet. Don’t nerf them, please.


Well i would say the GOT dragons are really OP :slight_smile:

Full AoE teams, which is what most standard Dragon teams are, don’t actually threaten anything until they start killing up until such point as they can be systematically dismantled by a single spell chain. Most don’t bring a dedicated generator outside of The Dragon Soul, so you can just prevent them from ever getting started with a faster team, mana drain, or denying their colors. Krystenax may be above average on many things, but is an easy target for true damage. Sylvanimora is slightly below average if you don’t care about the entangle, having a pretty big mana cost for that much damage. The biggest danger is the secondary cascades that can be triggered after any spell cast by a standard Dragons team, but many other teams are much more threatening off cascades because they will kill/drain/disable your team after a single cascade rather than just dealing damage and allowing you to easily reverse the situation.


Bring Amira to the party and Krystenax is toast.

Thank you for the enlightenment on how to easily destroy dragon teams.

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I had problems with dragons too. Especially with dragon soul in the team. But since built team with dragon cruncher in it, they are no longer a threat. A dragon cruncher also n does double damage to elemetals with his spell. So he works well againg imps and some contruct team too, especially guardians. Pair him with maybe poison master as generator or even stone hammer, ive used both. Play around.

2xDragonCruncher,GreenSeer,ForestTroll Frozen banner
Should destroy every dragon team there is.