Dragons lore is looking for 1 new member! 200k gold and 1k seals. Beginners welcome

200k gold when all kingdoms level 10, 1k seals, event participation. We have a discord but its not mandatory

What we require:

☆ must meet reqs

☆ must do events as best you can, including GW

☆ keep chat respectful and kind, dont start drama

What you get:

☆ all basic tasks completed EVERY week

☆ legendary tasks on guild wars weeks

☆ members that go above reqs

☆ independent guild

☆ easy reqs that allow for relaxed weeks if irl gets busy

☆ 40k seals EVERY week

☆ cooridnated pet resuces on vault weekend

☆ quickly climbing the ranks, currently rank 874

☆ no GW stress

☆ active and very helpful chat

Seem like a good deal? Join our amazing guild today! Message me on here or in the global chat channel 001 in game

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Sounds pretty cool

Bump! We still need 1 active member, join today before the spot closes!

Join our great group of people today! Easy reqs but tons of rewards! Come on in before vault weekend for a lot of coordinated pet rescues!

Spot closed!

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Hey Tigress, there is a possible recruit for you in 002. If you can’t get to them in time, you can have Mariana contact me. We are on Discord together.