Dragonguard team


Hey, needing some advice on my Dragon team

Is it any good?

Don’t have Elemaurgrim or Worldbreaker yet


Would probably work better if you swapped hero and TDS. You generally dont want TDS blocked on either color when the battle starts. I’d go with a non-TDS-blocking hero weapon and put them all the way up front, or behind TDS with a two color AoE weapon like black manacles (or just dawnbringer).


Thanks, just put hero at front with staff of St something lol it is a yellow weapon


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Is a good team, not full dragons tho. However the double Kryst dragon teams is really nice.


I would use Mountain Crusher instead of Creeping Death, you do not want to block TDS mana. Plus if Dragon Guard fully traited put in first slot for Tank since has Holy Armor


I believe Tacet had one in a video when the class came out - Krystenax/TDS/Black Manacles/Shadow Dragon.