Dragon Soul Magic Request

Dragon Soul used to be one of my favorite cards because of the souls it generates and exploding gems. But now that my teams are higher level, having it deal a max of 20 damage seems small compared to other cards. For example when I buff Krystenax’s magic the damage Krystenax does increases with each buff. Even though my Dragon Soul is Mythic it still does a max of 20 damage and only if its on an all dragon team no matter if I buff the magic or not. It makes it less appealing to use on my team anymore which makes me sad :frowning:

Similar to Marilith, The Dragon Soul explodes more gems as you increase its’ Magic.

(Marilith does 6 True Damage to all and buffs her attack; her Gem destruction scales to her Magic.)

Yes, I know more gems get exploded the more magic I give it. I was just hoping for a little upgrade. Back in the day it was super powerful, and while I don’t expect a return to that, I do think it would be nice if it increased both gem explosions and damage dealt.

Yea…‘back in the day,’ it was a completely different game. I remember when a lot of the terrible troops today were really good ones. Those were some fun times. But games changed.