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Dragon or Celestial Armor?


I almost have enough to buy one of these armors but I’ve only been playing a week and don’t really know what to expect later on in the game? Is the 100% to soul bonus better than the 100% to gold bonus?

I’m looking for input from veteran players who have experience and which of the two is more important in the long run.

Examples are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dragon Armor

Only instance Celestial Armor is better is if you intend to mainly play Arena. Any other instance Dragon is better.

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Well I guess it doesn’t get more experienced then Tacet :slight_smile:

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Dragon :slight_smile:

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You will use Dragon most in the long run. Celestial is really good when you need to level up troops, though.

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Hi. I bought both. However if I knew how much I’d have enjoyed this game then I would have certainly just paid for the deathknight armour in the store. Swapping between the two is a pain and I often forget! Also it really helps get your vip level up. Free scouting at level 3 is a must. I’ve spent a 1000 gems I wish I’d saved.

^^^ exactly Dan. I saved up the money to get deathknight early on. Never regretted it even though on my budget that was a huge amount. If you’re in a decent guild with mostly leveled kingdoms, and are careful with your matches in TH it won’t take a terribly long time to get one or both.
And a big yes on the free scouting! That 50 gold price tag adds up quickly.


I agree with the previous posts. I bought Dragon and Celestial early on, but when I realized how important getting VIP chests was going to be, I bought the Death Knight bundle anyway. However, I had over 20k gems from guild tasks, which definitely swayed my decision.

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