Dragon Haven Rank 188 is recruiting

Hello everyone!

I’m Mommymia, leader of a casual guild with some aspirations to go little more semi-pro
We’re currently ranked 188.
I’m looking for active people, who would help me to bring our team back to top 100 or better.

Weekly Requirements:
Recommened level 100+ but it’s not mandatory if you love this game and you’re active,

100k-150k gold invested every Monday after reset in selected task until we max it. Which task is chosen will be announced during Sunday, and info will be visible on guild chat window.

750 seals until Sunday midnight - would be nice to have 20k guild chest every week. If we manage to keep it up, once per few months in future we could attempt push to 40k.

100+ trophies until Sunday midnight

GW participation - participate each week in the Guild Wars challenges.

If you’re low level, and having trouble with getting 100k gold BUT you are very active, write on chat, make lots of seals/trophies - I’m sure we can come to some agreement, also we provide guidance how to improve your kingdom’s economy

Anyone interested in helping to rebuild a guild please write few words about yourself and leave your invite code. I’ll be making space in our ranks by systematicaly removing inactive participants.

Dragon Haven

Invite me in guild please.
Invite code: XXVENEDXX_1