Dragon egg plea to the DEV team

can you please help with this system of dragon egg RnG.

as you can see my egg resuts have been pathetic, just let me give you some cash for the brown dragon

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On same boat, but I stopped when Emeraldrin hit 4 copies. Something IS broken.

It was a six month grind for me !


@esslee Just unreal grind. So glad it ended.

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I can’t find the brown dragon too :grimacing:


I commend u for your patience and dedication. It takes the true will of a warrior to withstand such a brutal fate.

They should have sent u a free diamantina as meager compensation for such misery.:rofl:

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32 is about right, according to this prob chart

I’m waiting until I can craft 36 at once myself, as it’s the first 99% chance to get them all. OP’s 27 is only 96%.


Updating my spreadsheet with the screenshots posted here.

@MRnotsoslimjim, you appear to be in the 4.3% probability range (with 27 dragons of 5 colors).
@Fea_Kreuz, your 14 dragons of 5 colors calculates at 36.8% which is far more common.
And @GreenCat your 17 dragons (in 5 colors) stands at 17.4% probability.

Come to think of it, my last remaining dragon is ALSO Garnetaerlin, though I have only crafted 11 eggs to date (placing me at an overall 49% probability).

And there seems to be a relative lack of Garnetaerlin in general:

(For the lower table, if anyone wants to contribute craft data for Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays specifically go right ahead.)

Dang I thought I was unlucky at the time. I needed 16 attempts to pull my last dragon on my mobile account. On PS4 I was super lucky and only needed 10 attempts.

And I didn’t have a problem with Garnetaerlin - on mobile I got 4 of them (the purple one was my last one), and on PS4 I got 1 but it was my first one (yellow was the last one)