Dragon boss troops

It so ridiculous, got my 14th duplicate dragon boss troop! This cost so much gems, im stuck on the green dragon since the beginning, they should let us pick the dragon you need… hope they will update it!

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Dragon Eggs are a chest. And for now even one with a reasonably small pool. I admit, 14 times the same troop with no other ones is exceptionally bad luck, but random draws are really nothing new in this game.
My personal un-favourite is still Cedric, since the Tarot cards were introduced. Not even trying anymore to farm for those. Maybe you should consider the same mindset for dragons. I would not spend gems on that.


Yes maybe i should do that… :+1:t2: its not that i have 14 same boss troop, but 4 yellow, 2 purple, 3 blue and 1 red ones and 4 brown :cry:

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(adds to spreadsheet and checks formulas)
So, missing 1 dragon after 14 eggs is approximately an 8% incidence. You … wouldn’t happen to have logged individual craft dates alongside those tallies?