Dracos 1337 buff [Suggestion]

I strongly believe Dracos could also get a dispell in addition to his current effects. For the same mana cost. Just a straight buff.

For 15 mana, his spell feels somewhat weak. With the upcoming buffing mechanics, I believe this little addition would make me consider him at least as an impervious troop for GW. Now, he still just feels kind of meh.


This is a hard one. He is generally a bit weak… but still has this RGN chance to kill a troop, even an Impervious one… this one is a basquet of snakes for sure… if he gets more use, you’ll start to see complains on how the AI destroys your Troop 100% of time :confused:


I use him on yellow days in GW, and he feels like a nice designed troop to me.


Well, we see complaints about how AI cheats, as well. Even though there’s data it isn’t the case.
… You can’t really prevent chit-chat like that. Plus if he was the subject of gossip - he would have been one already.

Dispell is rather a niche mechanic than everyday issue. Plus - I sincerely do not believe anyone is going to put Dracos in his team just for the addition of dispell. His spell is way too costly for that.

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Wouldn’t mind seeing his insta-kill chance removed and replaced by something reliable and less impactful, while keeping the rest of his kit and reducing his cost a bit.
He is used as an ultimate counter troop, and i would appreciate his manacost being a bit lower instead of this instant kill chance that virtually never happens at a fortunate timing if at all.
That being said i like him a lot, and use him anyway on yellow or purple days, so no change desperately needed.


I’d actually like @Gouki 's idea.
… I think that might be harder to implement, but I’d definitely like the approach.
… While reading that, I was actually thinking of a very strange concept of “apply all debuffs”.
I’d be comfortable with raising his mana cost for that.

Just plain brainstorming here.

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That might fit in with the Adana scientist theme. The mech class weapon applies a range of debuffs across the team.

I do like him where he is at the moment though the third trait could be reduce 2 magic.

He is great on purple days with Mechanist class tho, starting with half filled mana along with Carnex and black manacles.

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Maybe replace the chance to destroy for something like : double damage if target mana is full

I could see getting rid of the 25% instakill chance for some sort of consistent effect, whether its damage or more status effects. Dracos’ spell needs a little love, it’s so weak compared to Kerb which only costs one more mana.

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I’d use his spell on GW even with no unblockable insta-kill chance. I don’t think his spell is weak at all, and I love the way he is now.

If only I could use that while keeping my Assassin on defence. :wink:

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Maybe you will one day! :wink:

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Know something I don’t. :thinking:

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I like Draco’s ability as it is. The only amendment to him I’d personally like to see is his third trait affecting all enemies.

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Dracos spell is neither too weak, nor too strong.

I only use him as a substitute mana drainer when none other are available (color restrictions in gw, other drainers colors on other more important troops). And that’s why I hardly ever see his rng kill a thing, cause in this case I tend to not spam his spell whenever it’s ready and rather keep it in case something needs to be drained.

But compared to Khorvash, his mana cost is too high.

I would prefer his spell to not have a 25% instakill and rather have a more reliable useful additional effect. Even if his damage was boosted by all debuffs on the enemy team, that would at least be reliable. Either that or better traits. But if you look at Sheggra, some legendaries tend to have sh!tty traits.

How about this.

Silence, Stun, and drain them. Deal damage to all enemies based on drained Mana and [magic/2].

This would punish high mana cost troops more and fits well into the theme of the other legendary dragons.

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Or deal (magic + mana drained x3) damage to the target. Would somewhat keep its Insta kill mechanic in a form on draining high cost troops.

In a dragon team the AOE whittles them down, then enemy troop has a charged spell, Blam! DRACOS kills them.

Moloch would weep over that change. I’d avoid the “consistent hard nuke” idea.

OK for the last 3weeks I have been using this umm troop in gw.
I’ve been using him on my Console account and PC account but mostly console.

I would really like to no if this troops spell is bugged on console?? I’ve cast it 27 times now and no disintegration.
On PC I get a few disintegration per week. :confused: