Dracos 100% useless in invasion

With everything having x-ancestry, he can’t silence or mana drain them. This is really annoying and stupid.

Is it okay to change this from a bug report to say PC/Mobile game chat?

Towers are, by design, immune to status effects. This isn’t “a bug”, it’s “a frustrating game design to circumvent shortcuts”. It’s been brought up every Invasion so far.

So I’d argue yes, it’s not a bug.

“I Don’t Like This Thing” does not make the Thing a bug. Go for a discussion instead.

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True but reporting that Draocos is not working right, having the response we are looking into it, followed by an event that abuses the very issues, puts it in this category of bug, not discussion or complaint.

The issues is stun comes first in the list of events, so the abilities should shut down, but instead the game ignores the order of operation. Ergo if Dracos is working as expected then fine, but I’ve reported the abnormality in Dracos. It was acknowledged as an abnormality, so why is the event abusing that very abnormality. This is why it is on the bug forum an not discussion or general or any other place. It is not long because it was reported and acknowledged as a error.

I would have loved to handle this in a private ticket, but that is not the way this system works, I must come to this forum and post.

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There’s no bug to report if you’re trying to use a troop’s status effects against something that’s immune to all of them, as has already been stated. The Raid Boss/Towers are never going to be affected by any status effects, so I don’t see what you’re complaining about. If you wanted to report that Dracos isn’t working properly, then fine, but saying he’s useless in Invasion is like saying the sky is blue, or the grass is green.

I think you need to read the second Trait on the towers “Invulnerable”. The troop can NOT be stunned no matter what order the stun occurs in (stun is a status effect). A similar example would be the dwarves racial trait “Fortitude”.

This isn’t about the towers, the towers are invulnerable, this is about the towers buddy mobs and the fact that Dracos stun doesn’t go off first so the all the mobs x-Ancestry skills. Yes towers are immune, they can’t even be stunned, but all the buddy mobs don’t share that.

Edit add: Notice in the first post I said, X-ancestry not invulnerability.

I was looking to see if this was a bug, actually. Mobs should be able to be stunned. I worked so hard on building him up only to see he’s useless when its needed.

I think it comes down to this:

  1. I strongly disagree with @xXOdessaXx, mobs should be able to be immune to stun and some, like Kraken, have traits explicitly for it.
  2. It’s frustrating, but not necessarily wrong, that some troops’ main use is to cause status effects and this makes them unappealing in Invasions.
  3. Regarding DRACOS 1337, this is unintuitive but somewhat expected. Let’s break out of the list.

You need to specify which Ancestry skill you’re talking about for a bug report. It’s best to point out a particular interaction. I would like to agree, yes, if Stun is not listed among the immunities, then Stun should happen. Intuitively.

But whether things happen “atomically” in GoW is very inconsistent. “Atomic” actions happen all at the same time. If “Stun, Silence, and Drain” are atomic, then the check for “immune to Silence” and “immune to Drain” happens basically “at the same time” as stun and I think the end result is the troop will be stunned but the other effects won’t happen. But if they aren’t atomic, and they happen in that order, you are correct: the stun will disable the immunities.

But, in no interpretation do I believe most Ancestry troops I peeked at should be immune to stun.