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Draconian Druids--Recruiting members

Whats sup? So formerly known as PoTSmokers we decided that the name may of been keeping a few people at bay. So in hopes of securing a few new recruits here we are Now known as Draconian Druids.

Guild info:
Ladder champion
trophies 8230
members 3/30 (2 members have secondary accounts)
rank 34
daily bonus 100%
mana bonus from guild +12/ +13

So come one come all its time to carve our path up the ladder.

I hope you have much better results. You run a great guild, and i personally wish you the best.

Whats up? Since 2.0 went live we have increase our numbers 16/30 looking for a few more to join a quickly growing guild,

trophies already up to 8,821 as of this point thats right over we finally on the move
League maxed out… hmm maybe devs could adjust the league into ladders with each ladder having rewards… Just a thought right :smiley:
guild bonuses all atleast +13
daily bonus 100%

Currently were serving up tasks like there hot cinnimon rolls some come join while there HOT HOT HOT…

Leave invite code or msg me

few spots remain 26/30 and going fast and our trophy count is going up 9,337 not bad since our last post yesterday

I want in man! Just looking for an active group which sounds like you guys. Im new to the game but willing to learn and very active. lvl 18 i think and willing to contribute!!

If you are still looking, I am willing ton contribute - my Invite code is STRATRG

members 30/30…

members 26/30 In need of 4 people Trophies at 11000 now and climbing Come help us run over match masters at some point.

I would like to join your guild,im still a newbie.(only level 5 lol)My plan is to become powerful at low level,unlock all kingdoms very early.I cant do this without a guild,that do a lot of tasks each day.I will try to get as much trophies as possible.I played the game already,so I know a lot of things.Main priority is to get Tyri asap for me.My invite code is SARGERAS.

@sargeras hmmm I don’t have too much of an issue with your level so long as your active and contribute to the guild as a whole. being lvl 5 adding a lot of gold or as much gold as the rest of the members is going to be hard, but i do expect ya to at least try with that being said Welcome aboard hmmm it says your already in a guild so ummm??? please do @synergy so i get a notification to recheck on your reply sargeras

Oh i have a very small guild,i leave it right away.I can help with trophies soon,but helping with gold is hard at the beginning.I will try my best.

i know, However the upside is you should be able to do the ranked 1 trophy battle, it really shouldn’t be much different then causal for ya. and u get everything in causal plus a trophy, + ladder points toward gaining more gold souls and keys if you move far enough up it.

@Sargeras invite sent welcome aboard

Thanks a lot.

Hello, are you still accepting recruits by chance? I am level 28 and while I’m not a “hardcore” PVPer I am an active player. Looking for a more active guild than current one. Thank you for your time.

Invite code: Soren Kel

@Soren_Kel it says your still in a guild

Any spots left? If so…

lvl 80

Invite code: Evale

@evale we have 1 spot open currently if you want it or still looking now. i’ll give ya first shot at it while it remains open

Other then waiting on evale’s response.

Looking for active recruit(s)
trophy count 16,841
We shoot out several tasks each, the bonus mana is all atleast +18

Were slowly but surely making our way up the ladder to, If your intrested leave a msg or invite code… Currently awaiting evales response since an opening just opened back up.

bump looking for 1 more active player currently

Hey there,

Just starting out and looking for a not too hardcore guild. Still working on my kingdom and building my pvp team(s).
Contributions will be low in the beginning but will naturally increase as i level up my troops, kingdom, class etc.

So if you still have an open spot and room for a fresh old fart newbie who’s eager to learn, grow and contribute a bit more every week please invite ZHOREB