DR ROBOTNIKS NEW GUILD BITCHEZ - Eggman's Empire Recruitment Thread - ☠

:skull_crossbones: "Join Dr RoBoTniKs Insane Revolution Here" :skull_crossbones:

The Requirements to stay in this guild are straightfoward, simply avoid being the bottom ranked player in the guild when we hit reset. There will be an Elimination every week !! This Elimination will be publicly announced to the whole GOW Community :skull_crossbones:

"So are you Brave Enough, and Skillful Enough to Avoid Embarrassment of Dr RoBoTniKs Wrath"

Point System
1 Trophy = 1 Point
5k Gold Donated = 1 Point
20 Seals = 1 Point
Each Day Survived in Guild = 1 Point (Thanks Nim)

Additional Information
Elimination will commence on the first Monday when we have 15+ players in the guild !! Currently (5/15)

Send Invite Codes !!

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#team sonic , just for gigles whats the req

i have added the Req above

Each day survived in the guild +1 point doesn’t seem fair. Any newbie will have a tough fight against the incumbents.

I do like the wackiness of it all though.

Let the games begin …

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Also, will you eliminate yourself if you are the lowest?


I feel like its important to reward those who survive each week

Yes! Since its not going to happen anyways… Dr Robo can get Eliminated

Have some spaces Available !!!