Downfall hits many Guilds nowadays!

Many guilds is going down nowadays because there is no players to recurit, anymore. We have been on all week and also offering newer players at level 100 a chance. Not finding a single player.

We are now facing the downfall, we need 3-4 players, and soon more will leave.

This is not drama, this is reality folks.


I have risen the concern far too many times, and each time there has been closed ears. Now it is at it’s worst as ever experienced.


Im sure the laser focus on pvp will draw new players!


@Sylwani The game is too overwhelming for newer players, most leaves within 5 minutes after downloading the game. It is too many menus, too many currencies, too many events etc. If someone would say that it looks like a mess, I would agree with them.


Yup which is why its so insane to me that they are focusing so hard on pvp.

You write a lot, which I think means you can also read a lot. Please stop willfully ignoring Kafka’s post regarding dev team focus. You know, the one where s/he took the time to also respond to you personally regarding a concern of yours.

Eika I feel your pain. Which is why my suggestion is for survival some guilds will have to join together. If only the GMs can agree and not fight about leadership. Seeing hundreds of posts in Global every day fighting for members and literally no players in Global Chat apart from the Guild Recruiters is painful.

And then many if not most of the newer accounts are Alts from older players.

It is also very painful to be a player in a half-empty or inactive guild. You have to do so much extra. Or give up. I have been in those guilds before…now in a great guild but even we are struggling to find a last member or two.

And goodness knows if any player even thinks of starting a new guild now - please just know that it will never get far unless you bring along your entire extended family to join. It is a foolish endeavor. You need numbers to be able to get the events and guild tasks done.

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Ill believe it when i see it. These devs have given me no reason to believe they will make the right choice

Theres a joke we got in my guild.

Quality assurance for gow assures quality doesnt slip by mistake into the game


Obviously neither of us can really speak for the new player experience anymore, but yes I can definitely see some incidents of this here and there. I don’t actively recruit (nor actively enforce weekly participation) but I do occasionally peruse the roster and kick an inactive player from month to month, checking their profile information as a matter of record, and stats like “Guild member for 98 days, last seen 97 days ago…” definitely stand out.

In hindsight, before leaving my prior absentee Guild (I was literally the only one in it with any regular Trophy contributions, aka. actually playing) I wish I knew about emergency guildmaster access because I could quite possibly have opted to shut it off on my way out.