Down the Rabbit Hole is recruiting you today!

Down the Rabbit Hole is looking for new members! We are a small group of friendly people that just started a guild. We are looking for semi active players who just want to have a good time playing the game. Any lvls welcome. If you just want to learn, chat, or have an alt that you want to lvl up message me and we will be happy to have you! Message me on PS4 <@bluebunny3874


We’re movin on up!! Come join the fun! Just alone our little guild has put in 4,000 trophies in two days!! We may be small but we are strong. Only requirement is to be active. Message me anytime :smile:

Bumping the thread! We now have 4000+trophies in just 3 days!

We’re movin on up!! This baby guild has ranked over 30k ranks in just 5 days! We now have over 5000+ trophies and almost completed all tasks! Please pm me on PS4 Bluebunny3874 if you would like more information or if you would like to join the fun!!