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Double Trait Stones when Exploring with Special Conditions


I would like there to be double trait stones for Explorers who meet special conditions. These conditions could rotate weekly or be ‘always on’

  1. Welcome Home: explore a kindgom using 4 troops from that kingdom.

  2. Smell the Roses: explore a kingdom at 1x/2x speed.

  3. Me Against the World: explore a kingdom with only your hero.

  4. Stones for Those that Need Them: explore a kingdom using only troops who use the stones found in that kingdom.

  5. Peasant Revolution: explore a kingdom using only troops with a base rarity of Common.

Double Trait Stones is not a crazy bonus, and it could get people to try new ways of doing business instead of Fire Bomb Sunbird, Rowanne, Fire Bomb all day long.


I like it…

Interesting. What’s in it for the devs?

Same thing as any content addition: engaged players, less burnout, more features. You know, successful video game things.


Devs haven’t really ever showed they’d prioritise changes that don’t monetise (encourage spending) in an obvious way. The engagement / better feeling you suggest isn’t easily quantifiable, whereas gem sinks for new modes are where the smart dev time goes. I’m not saying the changes are bad idea, just that I cannot imagine the devs investing time to do it.

Even if it’s not double traitstones, it’d be neat if there were some kind of reward for not using a fast explore team.

That said, it’s hard to stack up. I could easily get 3 or 4 traitstones per match in the time it’d take me to get 1 here. You know what might convince me, though? We’ve got a delayed gratification mechanic already in revenge/rival battles. I’d change my explore team if I got an epic or better ingot every 50-80 matches, or a reward somewhere in that neighborhood.

That’d give me something that:

  1. Current Explore won’t give me.
  2. Normally can’t be obtained through grinding.
  3. Is high-value enough I don’t mind that I’m winning only 10% as many matches per unit-time.

Now, for context: I don’t need souls and I don’t farm for traitstones much anymore. So fast explore is definitely losing its appeal.

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I really like some of those add ons for Explore. Keep it a low % chance of getting double stones and you may have something…
As Jainus mentioned, Devs try to balance the free to play concept, so not sure this is something that would interest them…

Part of why I’m enjoying the daily tasks is that I’ll often complete those tasks by doing explore and forcing myself to use seldom used troops from the required task.
Hopefully it’ll promote some variety for deck building and infuse some life into PVP…
One can only hope lol…getting insanely tired of seeing the same defense teams…

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Yeah! Due to ingots, I really prefer grinding PvP to traitstone farming lately. But for my daily tasks, I use Explore. I can pick 3 troops and the hero, and even if my team is bad I’m going to win. I generally get 1-2 runics or arcanes while doing the daily tasks. Sometimes the games run a little long, but it seems like a good way to deal with the “chore” and maximize chances of good returns.