Double Soul Weekend?

I can’t remember, has there ever been one? Am trying to decide whether to do the challenges from the new kingdoms or wait if there’s a chance there might be one (however long it takes)…

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It has been done before:

But if I’m reading this correctly, it doesn’t apply to challenges…


I wonder how it would work with Valkyrie, necromancy, etc. So if the max I can get is 60 (for armour) it’s now 120?

Aw, thanks dhjl. Guess I’ll start doing them then…

yes, it worked like this:

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No, that is incorrect. Double anything weekends only raise the percent by 100%. If a player has over 200% total bonus for any resource, they get less than double. The example you show of 60 going to 120 is an example of back before they switched the system to static percents. It works additively now instead of multiplicitly. We know this from the recent 2x gold event that only raised by 100% instead of doubling.

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Will there be a double soul weekend? :blush: