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Double click / tap

Some ideas.
When there is only 1 monster left and I have a troop that targets randomly or has a set target, it should just auto target it instead of prompting to choose target. Also if you double click / tap a troop it should auto attack if it’s a random attacker or if it has a set target. If the troop needs a target it picks a random one on double click / tap.

I like the idea of auto targeting if there is only one enemy left, makes sense.

Now this part I am not sure of. It might not be good for mobile users. Just a thought.

On mobile myself, could make it swipe or long press if that’s better. Just a thought to speed things up where no thinking is required.

I was just blue skying there Exagon, I only use PC (I don’t actually even own a cell phone, I hate the damn things with a passion) :slight_smile: