Double check your Defense Teams - if you buy Warbands

I ran out of ability to reproduce this but I believe this is critical

I logged into my account on Steam, on Windows, and went and bought a new warband to get a new team /slot set up.

When I went to Guild Wars to set my Defense teams and all of them were set to my PVP Defense team. Which is not how I left Guild Wars Defense last round.

I saw this on my other account early this morning and didn’t think much of it but now the only thing I did on both of these accounts was get a new warband team slot.

SO Make sure to double check your Defense teams before the clock switches over to start GW.


This is probably what happened to me. All 6 were one team on def

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I’ve had this happen to me in the past, the GW week just starts with (usually) my PvP defense team set for all days. Not sure that it was related to warbands or new team slot being added.

Just need to remember to check defense teams when checking sentinels at the start of GW week.

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