Doom troop and weapon issues

Now that doom has been relegated to one occurrence every 11 weeks, many of us find ourselves in a situation where kingdoms are stalled due to doom troops and weapons cannot be upgraded due to shortage of scrolls. My doom troops are all legendary and I need between 15 and 85 additional copies if I am to ascend them to mythic rarity. Currently eg suncrest is blocked as the only troop stalling Kingdom progression unless I use ascension orb instead. So for me it’s a case of 6 ascension orbs or let the kingdoms remain stalled for possibly several years and for other players I am sure the situation is considerably worse; requiring more orbs that they cannot afford to spare, particularly now that there are 2 power orb troops to craft and more are surely to come. Then there is the scroll issue. The devs have mentioned that new ways to acquire scrolls would be incorporated but since doom was put on the back burner we have yet to see this happen. I can’t see why doom was sacrificed as an event when very few (if any) players have managed to fully upgrade the weapons and troops associated with it. Raid and invasion remain as more frequent events despite their relative insignificance regarding progression. Moreover, doom was a proper guild event that promoted teamwork and communication. I think we thought that world events would to some extent also be team driven in this way but that has also failed to transpire. If there are no plans to add doom troops to chests or to introduce new ways to attain them and the scrolls for doomed weapons, then we are stuck. I would propose that doom schedule is reinstated and that raid or invasion (or both) become the less frequent option instead. Any thoughts?


tbh, I would have rather seen Guild Wars be the one that was every 11 weeks (if it just had to be that way).

However, it would have the same issue because GW has troops associated as well. Potentially worse, depending on where your guild is in the ranking.

I just used orbs on both sets of troops and proceeded to forget they exist.

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That’s not really a solution that many can afford. And it doesn’t address the weapon upgrade issue.

I can get onboard with pushing raid and/or invasion to every 11 weeks (on an alternate schedule, maybe???) and having ToD replace either/both in the schedule. However, since this most likely will never happen, I can’t fathom why the forge scrolls can’t be added to the Adventure Board. Granted, AB will have them show up on the Imperial Deed RNG schedule, but at least everyone would be granted the same opportunity, when they do show up :man_shrugging:

I know this doesn’t address the troop factor, but I suspect one is just going to need to use an OoA

Here comes the Doomed Gnome (6 colors, 50 to cast, create 16 doomskulls and run away).

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