Doom Event Color Rotation

Can’t find the info anywhere, and was wondering if anyone has been keeping track of the Doom Event order of colors so we know when we can expect the corresponding scrolls to be available again?

Thanks in advance!


There you can find all scheduled events:

A few things can be changed every then and now i think (for example EoE was different on tarans spoiler back then) but overall is relialable.

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Apr 22- Green
May 20 - Purple
June 17 - Blue
July 15 - Green
Aug 12 - Yellow
Sep 9 - Red

Isn’t Red coming up soon? I’ve been having the Doomed Crossbow for months now… :thinking:

The schedule has zero logic in it, we already had 2 brown ToD but no green.



Will hence stop looking for order among the chaos…

Thanks all for the pointers and the taransworld link!


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Wow… Brown as the wepon i wanted… this gonna taken a while