Don't we have enough Divine Mythics yet?

Lets see the count, 15 divine, 12 daemon, 8 elementals - that’s nice but…

0 constructs, 0 rogues,
Centaur, Dwarf, Mech, Tauros, Wargare, Elf, Giant, Goblin, Knight. Wildfolk, Naga, Stryx and Urska only have 1 each! its like you guys don’t want us to use anything but divine teams.
So how about no more divine mythics until all others have at least 2 to pick from.

Same could be said of Classes - Daemon, Dwarf, Undead, Human, Giant, Fey and Elf have 2 each but still no Orc or Elemental class.

Arachnaean Weaver was supposed to be a Divine Monster. The game is worse off because this argument was raised before.

How exactly is wanting to make all other races more useful so you have more variety in putting together viable endgame teams, especially in race and kingdom limited events, making the game worse off dude?

After all, couldn’t Ubastet and Umenath be Raksha/Beast or Wildfolk; or Euryali and Infernus be Daemons instead of divines, it sure would fit them more. I mean how does it make sense to make Euryali a divine, her ability is called Cloud of Death and she gets bonus from Naga and Undead allies and summons one. At least keep a theme going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wouldn’t exist if AW was a divine monster.
I’ve never known a more hated meta that the devs have cared less about balancing.


This is the core of the issue. The devs not fixing or rebalancing stuff in a proper time to give players a better experience.


It’s always been a divine power play since I started this game. Kinda grew up with it so I don’t recognise the issue.