Don't reset troop screen position after upgrading card!

Hi guys,

You have fixed the issue where ascending/traiting a card while sorting on upgradable reset the screen position of the troops page, because the changed card stayed active. It now stays on the same row/column you were before you upgraded the card.

Could you please do the same for all other filter options?

For example, I’m sorting on level, to go down the list to level up cards.
If I level up a card, the troops screen refocus on the troop when I come out of the upgrade, and I have to scroll all the way back down to find the next card, even if I was right beside it before I went into the upgrade screen.

Tagging @saltypatra, just because she’s awesome.

Oh, and would it also be possible to leave the scroll position in the teams list alone when clicking a team?
The clicked team now always scrolls into the 2nd or 3rd position, but this makes it really annoying if you clicked a team, and then want to click the team above/below it, because the scroll position has changed.

I understand what you are trying to do, have max team slots visible, and nicely aligned in the frame.
Here is what I would do: Check if the top team is more pixels into the screen then not, if so: scroll down the remaining pixels. If it’s only barely visible (like less then 25% for example) scroll up to show the team slot below it as the top position. But wait like a second or two before you start auto aligning like this.

That would make it much more intuitive…


I mentioned this before on either the patch notes or the known issues thread, so I wholeheartedly agree. Have a signal boost.

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