Don't Fear Our Reapers: Blue Oyster Cult is recruiting

PC / MOBILE : Don’t Fear Our Reapers: Blue Oyster Cult is recruiting
Blue Oyster Cult has 3 spaces available.
We are a well established top 400 independent guild (currently #340) with members of all levels across the world.
We complete basics and most epics every week and legendaries at least every Guild Wars week.
We even have our own newsletter - what more could you ask for!!
We pride ourselves on helping players to grow.
So if you want to be part of friendly and ambitious group and want to know more then pop in to our massive Discord channel for a chat and see if you want to join us on our adventures.
Weekly requirements: 550k gold (but nothing if your kingdoms not all at 10) 1000 seals 300 trophies. Discord and event participation essential.

Use the link below to get your invite or leave a message here, message me, or add me on discord (wasabiwarabi) if you are interested!

Always looking for new people to join!

Probably best to change the category of this thread to Guild Chat/Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile.)

Just did that. Thanks!

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