Dominion Over All

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New Epic Troop: Dominion Dominion will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Army of Light There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Twisted Hero, Indolator of…

Old Trial Team:

Holy. St Astra
Priestess of Light


Archon Statue
Archon Statue
Archon Statue

Am I imagining things or is this new change actually worse?


It is. Player team is worse too. We now only have one troop that buffs armor and it’s only to a random ally…


I find it funny that the supposed point of the trials was to teach and yet the devs never seem to learn.



The loot table for troops in Whitehelm event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Gaard’s Avatar, Libara, The Archdeva
3.2% 1 Celestasia, Holy St. Astra, Moloch
12% 1 Ascendance, Dominion, Grand Inquisitor, Gravitas, Guardian Pillar, Lady Sapphira, Mercy, Patience, Quatramanus, Sir Alamir, Statue of St. Veritas, The Topaz Giant, Urielle the Guardian
21.6% 1 Angry Mob, Bishop, High Paladin, Mechamare, Sacred Guardian, Solari, War Cleric
21.6% 2 Archon Statue, Paladin, Priestess of Light, Sister Superior, Templar
21.49% 3 Penitent, Priestess

Unfortunately, event chests have a tendency to be misconfigured, either entirely missing specific mythic troops or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. There is no way to know this ahead of spending, and no way to get any kind of refund. If you plan to open event chests, wait till the weekend for the community to find irregularities, this significantly reduces your risk of getting burned.


Why would anyone take Holy St. Astra away? That’s my most used troop in Whitehelm and probably among top 20 of every troop in the game. :pensive:


If they were going to take St. Astra away from the player team in this trial, the least they could have done was leave the Templar to synergize (to some extent) with the Paladin and High Paladin.

About the best thing I can say regarding the “new” Whitehelm trials team is that it has more spell damage than the previous version. But that may not matter so much when Moloch and Lady Sapphira will pummel it to death with true damage and St. Astra is no longer there to top up the player side on that.


This week epic trials so bad :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I didn’t find it that hard but having more stat bonuses probably helped. I played rather recklessly on the first few matches, using the Topaz Giant’s spell frequently. This allowed them to fill Lady Sapphire more than I liked, and the board kept filling up with skulls between his and Templar’s gem transformations. l still won on my first tries.

In the final match, I didn’t cast Topaz at all so I could control the board better. He died to skull and spell damage anyway :person_shrugging:. I still won fairly easily because Paladin was quick to fill, and dealt a lot of damage.


Actually yes, Paladin is very strong here
Moloch was the number one target. Lady gathers mana very slowly to deal serious damage


Still pretty easy trial, esp with restart possibility


First try on everything. Definitely shows the strength of Paladin. Unfortunately, it also means its a stat check trial.

I still wonder if the old team would have been more effective. The Topaz Giant spawned a lot of Yellow Giant Gems, which helped filled the player team quickly, but it also helped fill the enemy Sapphira an equally quick amount of times.

Priestess’s spell was unreliable at best and largely pointless outside of popping a Yellow Giant Gem for mana.

High Paladin was ok, but not great without armor boosts.

I don’t know, makes me glad this week that I don’t have to make teams with these square peg round hole troop designs.


No, you’re spot on. It’s worse. Another example of poorly crafted teams by those that should, but do not appear to, really know better. There is no reason for templar to be on the enemy team, it should have been left of the players. There’s no reason for the giant to be on either team, and it mana blocks the players. High paladin has always been crap, and priestess of light being random, and poorly boosted, is a sad excuse of a card, even as a bounty card.
Theres a reason some cards never see use. These are prime examples.

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You’re guilty of making the assumption it’s possible. Learning cannot happen when there is no concern.

Because the only target she has for her ability, besides herself, is the POS priestess of light. It would be another story if she targeted knights, but she targets humans.

Her main spell targets everyone. She gives life and armour to all troops in a team that’s using these stats for attack boosts.

Yes, she “only” enchants humans (aka herself), but that doesn’t even matter.

She’s in several of my teams, mostly explore 12 and also delves. And always 1st pick when it comes to green or yellow troops.

So I could have done the epic trials just with 2 troops. Holy St. Astra and the Paladin with attack boost. No need for any other troop …

I had to go back and read her again. You are correct she does target all, which, yes, once again would be useful. I use her on my whitehelm team as a normal thing, but I also have at least one other useful human on the team. Priestess of Light is a “POS! DO NOT USE!” card in my book. Didnt even waste a slot on her in the bounty when she came out. She’s THAT bad. As a physically printed card I’d toss it in the trash every time I got one.

So now that this weeks Epic fail trial team is done, what is currently on the trials for both teams in the Pridelands? Let me guess (I cannot see it), Bandit, Finley, Sekhma, and Tuskar for the players.

Troubadour, Second Claw Anhur, Behemoth, Mumakus (player)
Salamander, Shadow-Hunter, Finley, Behemoth (AI)


Thank you. What’s the hint (that won’t really apply anyway)?