Does Valraven only show up in raid battles

Wounddring if it shows up in pvp?

Nope. Only during raid & invasion battles.

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I just got one from a Vault Key!

And I am sooo tempted to put it in my PVP defense just to mess with people! :smiling_imp:


Are Valraven, Cedric and Treasure Gnome only obtainable from the Vault Key? Are they not in the regular chests?

That is my understanding… but I am not 100% on that… :man_shrugging:

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Valraven will only show up in In Raid battles (and Invasion battles during Invasion events).

Treasure Gnome, Valraven and Cedric Sparklesack are only obtainable from The Vault.

Also for anyone who might get caught out by @efh313’s evil plan… you can tell a real gnome/valraven from a fake by the small treasure sack icon in battle.

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