Does ToS allow multiple emails, one human?

I really tried to look everywhere for this information, Googled it, etc, but I just can’t find it if it’s out there…

Ok, so my dad and I play together when he’s over.

But I want to keep my PERSONAL account (progress, cards, level, upgrades, etc) and the FATHER & SON account separate.

So I can play by myself with my ME@EXAMPLE.COM login, and when my dad is here we can log in as ME_AND_DAD@EXAMPLE.COM ?

Then when I’m playing alone or say, on my phone, I can do so not interfere with the progress of the FATHER & SON game.

Is this allowed by the terms of service?

One technical thing that might factor in is that I would use the same EXAMPLE domain name, because my dad is 76 and really has no freaking clue about computers and “the email”. He still goes around and pays his bills in person with a humungous wad of cabbage on pension day.

You can run multiple accounts on the same unit for gems of war but you have to login each time. Other than that what is ToS stand for?

Terms of Service. The little agreement you have to agree to when you start playing the game.

Unless you’re playing that new Korean MMO called Tree of Savior, in which case you’re talking about the ToS ToS.

Thank you. I’m sure it can be done, but specifically do you know if it is against the Terms of Service or not?

I don’t want to get banned over some easily-avoided issue if I can prevent that by asking questions first.

It is not against the terms of use and is encouraged by the developers. You are just not allowed to alter or damage the files.

Thanks killerman3333

Do you know where to find the ToS? I feel dumb asking, but I’ve also spent considerable time Googling with no info yet.

I am inquiring about putting it into the game files as we speek.

Hey thanks, I noticed that other thread and linked back ** CIRCLE OF LIFE **

Have a great day, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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And i thank you as well good friend.

If you play on steam, it may be there… if you and your dad have a steam account each, you can set it up that way. I had shared comp with hubby and 2 steam but 1 login on windows account. Was a pain but worked.

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THANK YOU! I can see quite clearly that this will be very easy to do and will allow me to achieve the desired outcome, probably without having to worry about the ToS.

It never occurred to me to just log in to Steam at my house using my dad’s Steam credentials.


Just in case anyone was wondering, smooth sailing.


Good for your Dad!

Does he still like playing Gems of War?

A lot of seniors think the Internet is a godsend now. They can pay all the bills from home instead of having to drive to the bank.