Does shadow-hunter have a glitched

I have a member in TUF/Limbo stating Shadow-Hunter nut hitting ravens all the time and 1st and 2nd time trying to hit the raven shadow-hunter will not hit that troop but third try works

When it says it hits the strongest enemy this is their effective health total combining both their armor and life. It will target the enemy with the highest combined score if there are multiple troops with the same effective health it will hit one of those.

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ty for that

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Yeah; I was using 2x Shadow-Hunter in the event last week and in most battles the stats worked out such that the Valraven was either the 3rd or 4th weakest troop. Annoying but so it goes.

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It is quite often low stats compared to other troops if you do aoe it usually dies before the others as well I hope that is by design so it is easier to kill it before it escapes. In this case however the troop is badly designed for picking on the Valraven. However troops that target the weakest enemy are often quite effective.