Does opening 50 chests at once have better rewards then <50 chests?

I once heard in chat that opening 50 chests at once has better rewards (chance at higher cards) then opening, for example, 2 times 25 chests.

Is this true, should I always save up enough keys so I can open 50 chests at once?
Or is this an urban legend, and as long as you open the bottom chests, the rewards are the same, nm 11 or 50 chests.

Oh, and while we’re at the topic, does it make any difference if I open them 1 by 1 or click the skip button in the bottom right?

Just wondering :slight_smile:

We’ve been told the odds are the same.

Though if you’re buying chests with gems etc then it’s usually cheaper in batches of 50.

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Urban legend. Same drop either way. Difference is if you open more at once you get more at once :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, it doesn’t make any difference if you click the skip button. Just goes faster.


I heard if you open 50 chests and watch each card as they come up the last card will be the highest level available from that chest!

Disclaimer: heard <> true


Ive heard if you open 50 chests and watch every reward one at a time, you’ll waste a lot of time.


Never has a truer word been spoken.

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Actually it makes a big difference, at least on iOS. If you hit skip and don’t wait for the summary screen to completely load, it causes troop graphics to disappear.

So if you don’t wait for all the troops in the chest list to load their graphics and then you go to the Troops tab, those troops will have a blank space in the middle of the card where the graphic should be.

at least once, i remmember when i clicked to open 50 chests - the first card i saw was a legendary - the card showed one by one before i was quick enough to click “skip” button, and no i dont think i got mythic in that batch :slight_smile: