Does Invasion event have a lvl ceiling?

I was just curious about something. A couple of players noticed that nobody in top 100 took on a challenge above tower lvl 144. Is this the highest tower lvl or is it potentially infinite?

The events all have respective caps.

For invasions, max tower level is 144.
For raids, max Zuul’Goth level is 500.

Only unlimited event is Tower of Doom, as you can continue far beyond the 25th floor.

Tower of doom level is capped at 400
The floor number seems to be unlimited tho


I’m pretty sure that all floors after 25 in ToD are exactly the same as floor 25 - same defenses in the same rooms, same boss room, and same stats for each team. While you can ascend infinitely above floor 25, everything above it is a mirror of floor 25 (except for Valravens and the boons obtained from each room).