Does Harpy Mage spell work as intended?

Harpy Mage’s spell says: “Conjure a Duststorm, then choose an Ally and explode [M+1] Gems of one of their Mana Colors”. So it must be something like Ragnagord spell, only a bit more random. But now HM’s spell result looks more like Gorgotha or Nobend Brothers: just exploded gems of any color, the higher HM’s Magic is, the more gems are exploded. Of course, it is good for mana generating, but what about spell wording?

If you want to verify whether it works correctly, get Harpy Mage webbed (e.g. by setting and fighting an appropriate defense team), then check which two gems get exploded.

It already explodes a full board even if you just highlight Mountain Crusher with no brown gems near the edge of the table.

If you ask me, the text is clearly bugged, and also she has to select an ally for some reason. Assuming even basic testing was done, the entire faction had to have been tuned around this troop working as it actually does, whether or not it was originally “intended” on paper.

Okay, that doesn’t sound right. Any chance she might be exploding gems of her own color instead of the ally chosen?

I had harpy mage magic boosted with potions, it destroyed every gem every time regardless of what color you picked.

As video proof, here’s a similar scenario. I converted almost all brown gems out of the board, and cast Harpy Mage’s spell and choose Bombot. It exploded a bunch of other random gems, and literally left the 1 brown gem unexploded.

I tried looking at it frame by frame, and it seems like it just exploded 17 random gems. It wasn’t limited to Harpy Mage’s own colors either (red/yellow).


What we have learned historically:

How something releases is always how it was meant to be, no matter how much in-game text says otherwise. It only takes 5-6 months to get game text updated, but sometimes it takes years to get code to match what the text says. Therefore the text is always wrong.

As a newer player, that’s interesting and good to know.

Is it clear cut for this troop? What the spell looks like it does is explode X amount of gems, dependent on your magic. But… it still requires you to select an ally so it’s not simply that the text is wrong. The spell is also must be wrong in 1 way or another.

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Just played a battle right now, it seems like it works correctly now. The spell effect correctly targets the selected troop gem color and explodes only those.
Edit I’m on Xbox fyi

Yeah, I used her in a delve this morning and seamed like it was shadow fixed last night.

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So the wording was correct eventually, and the spell has been just fixed. Great!