Does even work?

Just asking whether it is viable to create requests there or it is a long-dead branch?

Pointless. Tickets are ignored and much of the info is false or obsolete. A waste of your keyboard skills.

Really? Such as? I find it’s actually pretty solid, they try to keep it updated.

I think it depends on the request. We had a guild mate unable to play tower of doom last time it was here, he made a ticket and while they didn’t get back to him in time to fix the issue, he got a refund and some compensation.

If it’s an “I purchased X and didn’t receive it”, I’m sure they’ll get back to you. If it’s an “I opened the wrong chests by mistake, I want a refund”, they might not.

I think they’re misplacing Technical Support with hobby then. Any request should be considered and revised.

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