Does GAP affect Hoard Mimic drops?

I usually play GAP on Explore 12 to maximize cursed runes, but I am unsure if it affects potential Hoard Mimic drops. Does anyone know? I would hate to get a Hoard Mimic battle only for it to be replaced with Gnomes and no mythic drop chance.

I realize the chances are extremely low, but it still scares me. One alternative I’m considering is never doing the mimic battle if it comes up and moving to another kingdom to continue E12 while GAP is active.

I just played Explore 12 w/ my Gnome a palooza & got a CG with a reward of only 10 Cursed Ruins. Not sure why it wouldn’t be 12?

Assuming there’s no GAP reduction, Cursed Gnomes typically drop anywhere from 10-15 runes, with a very small chance of dropping 25 runes. So 10 runes would be at the low end of the range, but not low enough to definitively say that it got reduced because of finishing a GAP battle too quickly.

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When I was running GAP on level 2, I consistently received only 2 Cursed Ruins for the reward. However, I just got a 24 CR reward for running a Level 12 in a different kingdom.