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Does anyone know when the next treasure gnome weekend is?

when the next treasure gnome weekend is?

Are we ever having another one?

5th October

Edit: I would hope as that’s 4 weeks since last one.

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Fixed title to make the thread clearer and less “click-me-to-find-out!”

If we are to believe taransworld, no sooner than November. At least, there is none in October weekly spoilers.

The website is also missing the next Faction event. If there is a Gnome weekend in October. I believe it would have to be the 5-7 of October.
The pattern I’ve noticed thus far is Class, Vault, Faction, and then Bounty weekends. According to spoilers we know when the next Faction and Bounty are. The Unknown is the class event. But since there’s a class event this weekend. I doubt there will be one the first weekend in October as well. Every single weekend in September had an event on the weekend. I don’t see why October would be any different.

Taransworld never shows the Vault events - I presume they don’t show up in the spoiler data the same way as the other events, since Vault events don’t have sigils or shops.

So there’s no reason not to expect the next one from October 5 to 7.

Actually Taransworld usually does show vault weekends.