Do you sometimes worry, you are part of the problem?

Gaming is being pushed aside by free treadmills like this one, that you are expected to pay to play them as little as possible. And I feel, I should have made a difference to avoid this.

I am not exactly what you would call a good customer.
Ever since I started playing, back then on C128 (the mostly forgotten upgrade of the C64), a huge share of my collection came from copied disks, later CDs, then emule (nowadays I don’t do that anymore; my piled up unplayed Steam library is large enough to get me through the next few centuries). Bought versions were from discount bins and game-zine CDs or used ebay purchases. On Steam, I got my idea, how much I am willing to spend on a title I like, which is usually about a quarter of what the publisher imagines. I think, I can count the number of times, I spent over 20€/40DM for a game in my life, on one hand.
When I bought Puzzle Quest many years ago, it was a heavily reduced CD as well. As a result, we got Gems of War…

When delivering a high quality product does not pay off, the industry produces cheap trash instead.
Whenever I think of it, I sense that I did not do enough to reward good games.
Did you?

Short answer:

Long answer:
I have no problem spending money if the prices are reasonable on software/games/dlc if I enjoy it and use it/play regularly. But the “price” is obviously a individual discussion point for everyone. Even with the current steam sale I wouldn’t buy the gow dlc’s because they’re useless/overpriced. Also the steam exclusive pet at least once was ~90%off, so the current 50% is a joke. :wink: I’d buy fan merchandise though, whatever, a gow mug or maybe a shirt. :slight_smile: Why not, but, it seems such stuff is not available.

But it is also possible to contribute in other ways, f.e. Gems of War would be long dead without the many active and helpful players, guild admins, or some committed members of the community that provide external help/guides/tools, like gowdb, taransworld, gemologica, Gary, Hawx, and others I’m currently forgetting. Also the many helpful gow discord servers.

If you want to contribute, you’ll be able to find ways.


I try to be not. I play, I pay from time to time too.

It depends on game quality. Most i ever spent was gears 3 for DLC maps. I dont think a game that never tests stuff pre release then is “out of the office” for 10 hours deserves a penny.

Imagine a T-shirt or a wifebeater with Thrall in it and a text “I want to be spanked”

Who wouldn’t pay for that?

Hi @Jerog,

I think this is a good topic, something that has regularly crossed my mind over the years I’ve been playing this game, especially as I’m a very different player than most of the people here. Visually impaired, and this game is the only one I can still play. (on my own way)
I don’t have much to spend, but sometimes I give myself a present because the game and I deserve it!
I don’t let anything push or drive me crazy to spend more or extra money!
I see this game as a long-term vision a lot of patience, a lot of luck and a lot of play is rewarded in the end!
Furthermore, I think you can do a lot for the developers not only with money, but especially helping others read, react, think along and so many more opportunities to show my passion, enthusiasm and appreciation for a game that is very important to me.

I think it makes little difference. The reality is that as long as there’s 0.1% more profit in micro-DLCing your game, or offering it as a service, or making it F2P, the vast majority of non-indie projects will eventually converge on predatory business models, no matter much money you throw at real games.

Same reason successful (and very profitable) TV-series get killed off. Same reason commercial music keeps getting more similar with every passing year.

It’s not about being profitable, it’s about making optimal profit.

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So longer the user, player pays the sometimes ridiculous, insane high prices they will raise their prizes and there is always public who wants to pay the highest price and so became the products for the lower financial persons not to realize or they come in problem coz they spend money they dont have… Its a fact and both sides keep that alive, sometimes very painful to see or be that person who cant afford it but even I had the money as I had when I was still working I have always had my borders clear what I find things worth in music, TV and in games! Im not a sheep and dont let me get crazy by want to have everything what others have, for imo no fair/worthy price!

Very valid points. Ive never invested much beyond original game price for premium titles but some players have spent thousands on games like this. That promotes new content which is also aimed at profit in many cases. Capitalism went overboard far too long ago and the results are far from beneficial in most cases.