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Do yall think fricken is a cuss word?

i got banned for 20 days just for saying fricken in 001 by the way admins 001 is making up their own rules reporting people for no reason saying that im cusing when i say fricken or fricking which im not because that word isn’t censored. We really need to add a moderation team to the chat

It isn’t a curse word, but everyone knows what word people mean when they say it. Also context is important. Also, not all curse words are censored.

Sounds like you got reported by several people. Did someone ask you to cool it on using that word, and yet you continued repeatedly? If so, that’s rude of you. If you said it only once, then the ban is excessive. But this also isn’t your first chat ban.

I eye roll about curse words and censors. But, there are kids in the game so I get it. Clean up your language in global chat.

Also, there aren’t any 001 admins. Anyone can report, even you. As for moderation team, I’m pretty sure reports are viewed by a person before a chat ban is issued, though I’m not 100% on this so someone correct me if I’m wrong.


If I go into global chat and say “I’m having a frickin lousy day”. - I can promise you I will not be banned.
However, if I go into global chat and say.
“I want to frick someone so badly.” - sexually suggestive
“Frick off, Sirrian!” - combative towards another player
Then you aren’t getting banned for the word. But how you use the word. And the length of your ban in particularis due to you previously being banned. Otherwise the bans can be less severe. Usually the first chat ban is just 24 hours. (Key word is “usually”.)

Context is important.


People on 001 will tell you in detail about their disgusting health issues, but always have an issue with a word like that.

Since you received a 20 day ban, I’d hazard a guess that your behaviour was inappropriate in a variety of ways. We review chat bans and look at the context and surrounding conversation, not one or two lines that have been directly reported. If you believe you were banned unfairly you are welcome to contact our support and appeal said ban, but please be aware that there is currently a wait time on these tickets.


ok so here is the thing i said i have fricking autism in any since im not cussing i never will they were just making up their own rules for that chat channel

No. You were wrong. But if it helps you to feel victimized, go right ahead.

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Who is they? I get the impression you think chat is moderated by people who dont work for the game company. That isn’t true, as stated previously in this thread. Salty also confirmed that chat bans are reviewed by a person.

I am going to guess more was said that prompted you to put word in there. As Salty said, context is considered.

Again, as Salty said, if you think you were unfairly banned you can appeal. None of us on the forums can do that for you.

On the plus side, your ban is almost over!

I do hope you come back and chat in game. Seriously, I do. Now you know what not to do. Great, move on, and have some fun.

Fricken is not a cuss word per say. If it is directed at someone it’s an issue. It’s all about the context. If I am talking about checking my oil and mention the dipstick. Cool. If I call someone a dipstick, not the same.

Please follow up with a support ticket if you wish to have your ban reviewed. This forum is not an appropriate place for discussion of individual support requests.

Closing the thread.