Do unclaimed Invasion rewards get mailed to you? YES THEY DO!

I killed some towers at the start of the week but then stopped when I got bored of it and I haven’t even gone into the Invasions menu for a while. My guild completed stage 10 but I’m not sure if I claimed all the rewards I don’t remember getting an orb lately. If I didn’t claim all the rewards will the rest be sent out?

Nope they wont be.


Damn I might have to send a ticket. Also Happy birthday.


Cheers :smiley:

And I just know in the past people in guild havent gotten both invasion and raid rewards at end of week if they didnt collect them.

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I’ve gotten them sent to my mailbox quite a while ago. Or let me put it in another light, I’ve had an orb in my mail quite a while ago.
I don’t recall ever being on any leaderboard that yields orbs as reward so I assumed getting that as an unclaimed stage reward.


I know clearing stage 7 gets you an orb sent out like the previous 6 stages give gems.

Other than the very first week that had raid boss fights, I only buy up to tier 4, on the particular first week I bought tier 5 for whatever reason.
Also, i always do my battles asap. So I highly doubt having an orb sitting in my mail for six-and-a-half days.
But I recall us being somewhat close to a stage reward on Sunday and that’s why I thought/assumed the mail belonged to an unclaimed reward. :wink:

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oooops I was wrong so i deleted it.

I only buy up to tier 2 for the troop and usually kill at most 50 towers so I not really use to how invasions work.

What about guilds that finish a few hours before reset when some people are asleep?

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Maybe I spoke too soon.
I just logged into my small pc/mobile account and I got a mail with unclaimed even rewards including an orb!


I must have already claimed mine then. Weird I don’t remember getting an orb.

Have people in my guild asking about it today, as we finished last tier a few hours/half a day before reset, and they werent able to claim, and got no mail.

For Raid the week before we finished a portal 20 minutes before the reset so many members missed out on collecting the reward including me.

Some members had theirs delivered via in-game mail but i didn’t so i had to file a support ticket for missing rewards.

I just wanted to confirm that you get them delivered via in-game mail, as one of my guild mates got the rewards for the last tier (we finished just before reset) have had them in their mailbox.

Given your response, that seems to be bugged, a ticket should be appropriate for everyone who can recall NOT getting the rewards via in-game (on the running week) nor mail on Monday.

I forgot to reply to Kafka but here is her response.

It may be the case that if you are online and don’t claim the rewards you don’t get the rewards via in-game mail.
This was true for me since i have a dedicated tablet for gow which i keep on all the time.
Hope it gives you some clarity :blush: