Do Trophies erned take a while to update?

I just joined a Guild and I so want to impress them, so I played a lot of PvP and earned quite a few Trophies BUT, in my Guild activity, it only show 1 Trophy earned!?

  1. Does it take a whule for those to update? Because I go back evry 2-3 matches to see if it changed.

  2. Does losing when you don’t play deduct Trophies?

Thank you for your answers in advance

@cleric1014, Right now we are getting one less trophy for our guilds than what the victory screen says after we win a PvP match.[quote=“cleric1014, post:1, topic:7698”]
2) Does losing when you don’t play deduct Trophies?

Iirc we no longer lose trophies for defeats.

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Thanx for the reply and the Info @Macawi

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You’re welcome.
Here is a link for this issue if it helps any.


Oops, I just read your answer again. Does that mean if I fight the first enemy (which offers only 1 Trophy), my Guild gets none?!

I haven’t noticed about the one trophy matches. But when I play a three trophy match my guild counter shows only 2. And for two trophy matches my guild counter shows one.

Just won 2 more PvP matches (1st enemy) and my counter stays at 1 in total eraned for the Guild. O boy!

Thanx for that link anyways.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

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Agreed :slight_smile: