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Do the Orb recipes in the Soulforge make any sense?

Can someone explain why any player ever would want to use the Orb recipes in the Soulforge?

If an Orb of Power is basically the combination of one of each of the Major Orbs, then why in Gard’s name would I trade 3 of each major orb just to craft one Orb of Power?

I’m guessing because they will be EXTREMELY rare to find and you need 8 to craft new boss troop.


Ah. It’s an end game orb sink. Ok, that makes some sense.

But you make a good point though. Even crafting the major orbs seems a complete waste other than for needing them for boss troop.


This only makes sense if you can use the crafted troop to grief players in Arena. That’s the function of expensive mythic crafting doohickeys.