Do seals carry over?

If you don’t spend your seals each week, do they carry over or expire?

They carry over but reset back to the lowest level. (At least that is what happened to me)

Yes seals carry over. So you don’t need to spend your seals if you don’t want to. Some people usually save their seals and open it during mythic release week.

But the chest resets back to the starting point level each week. They would have to wait until the chest reaches the level they want to spend against - Correct?

That is correct.

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Yes, the guild chest level will resets each week just like guild seals. I was assuming he asked about personal seals. :slight_smile:

How often are Mythic release weeks?

Honestly in the 6 months I have been playing - I think once a month - I really don’t pay attention since I don’t get Mythics most of the time when they come out.

Mythic usually released on first Friday of each month. Next scheduled mythic is 3rd February iirc.

Thanks. Where can I get this info for future releases?

You’re welcome. I usually get the info from this thread :

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