Do raven towers take sigils out of the economy?

Hear me out.

Originally, Valravens could replace towers. We figured this out because Valravens could replace Zuul’goth, and that made us sad. So before we actually got in the situation with towers, the devs made a compromise: if a Valraven would appear during a 4x tower match, it doesn’t appear but you get the sigils anyway if you win. That’s pretty fair on our end. So the only way to lose bonus sigils is to lose a match. That’s pretty fair.

If raven towers replace this mechanic entirely, it seems reasonable to believe this means on average you will lose sigils. Sometimes you’re going to get unlucky and that tower’s going to fill up. Used to that just meant you took a beating. Now it means a % chance you don’t get sigils and lose a tower point.

Is this the case? Or are there still invisible Valravens?

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My first thought with the Raven towers was “Oh, :poop:, now my sigils might get away.”


Wait… raven can replace Zuul?

They could when valravens first released. The devs figured out very quickly this was a bad thing and “fixed” it with: “A valraven can’t replace a boss, and if all 4 troops are bosses you just get the sigils”.

Yes, it is now possible for your bonus sigils to go away. Just like in every other game mode where Valravens appear. This new tower is the devs bringing Invasion in line with everything else. Now if only they would include a special Zuul’Goth that carries a 30% chance of running away with its spell.


Sigils as sigils, that alone is bad/annoying.
But the worst is not the runaway sigils. The worst is the runaway tower kill, you basically get 3 towers for a won match.

In certain situations (like leaderboard), that tower can make the difference.

I don’t quite get it why it had to be fixed if it was not broken🤷


Yeah I mean in the end this is probably what they wanted. It’s just… been this way for more than a year. Once you leave something alone for long enough players kind of get used to it. How the heck do we get new troops every week if it takes a year+ to design one?

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I’d say keep the raven towers if ithey’re really needed, but for the love of (#insert randomgodname), lower their chance to fly away to maybe 10%.

Seeing a raven tower that serenely sits behind at least 2 bastion towers is mildly said frustrating, especially in the 150+ stages, unless using rope dart (and that’s a bonk, in the 4x tower zone…).

Random question: how can a raven TOWER fly away?🤷🤷🤷

It teleports away!

Although, I think flying away is just as plausible if it was a tower on a floating island.



The tower teleports, according to its card details. I see valraven towers as an attempt to stop the orb sharing during invasion events. If I’m right, It’s a joke. People catch up, kill the one tower (or however many needed to tie) and lose the match to be in a tie. Losing a valraven makes no difference, buy another tier, catch up, and still tie. I also noticed that my two accounts, with the same number of shop tiers purchased didn’t arrive at the same number of tower kills until the third day, my assumption is that valravens no longer equally appear, and might prevent someone from catching up without more sigils to play. Still doesn’t matter, still going to be ties because people will catch up the next day or spend more gems.

I like anything that makes the game more challenging.

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