Do people just complain?

i realize the irony of this post complaining about complaining. But nothing is ever good enough, any solution always has someone complaining and i bet if they got exactly what they wanted they would complain too. Now i have done my share of complaining but not to the extent of some.


Iā€™m certainly having an easier time typing a grumpy or angry posting, than a happy one. On the other hand, among the bunch of timeeater games, that I waste my life on, this is the only one, that leaves me angry on an almost daily schedule.
I can be in a good mood, and very patient with the faults of a game, as well as defend it against people, who are not. And I would certainly be happier, if I was able to do this for GOW.
Development in its locked up bunker, safe from direct nuclear strikes and user feedback, certainly does not entice me into that direction though.

Another thing, that comes to mind, is the fact, that I really liked Puzzle Quest.
This game started a bit below that quality, which can be expected from an early work in progress, though of course with potential to get up there. It has steadily gotten worse ever since.

This here is of course not the level of dropoff, that was the thing that was mistakenly called Dungeon Keeper 3 (and that I thankfully never touched).
But there is the permanent reminder, that the people behind this game know how to do better. They just choose not to.

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Welcome to the club.