Do legendary even exist?

i’ve already pulled like 7 chimeras
still not a single legendary
at this point i fear i might pull 16 chimera in order to ascend the chimera to legendary before i pull an actual proper legendary

can you pull legendaries out of glory chest? what about event chest?

Yes to both, how many chests have you opened this far?

i don’t really keep count, i think around 20 gem chest and A LOT of glory chest

so far i pulled 2 epic from glory chest (terraxis and sylvasi) and 1 from gem chest (green slime)

everytime i open a gem chest and get just another ultra rare dupe it just feels like i’ve wasted my gems for nothing, or at least it feels like i should be able to pull a legendary before pulling so many of the same ultra rare that i can ascend them

I do say, one legend out of 100-150 glory chests is pretty decent. Also I do say one legend out of 50 gem chests is good. Im new in this game so, thats my number. And of course, all about luck to get those Legendaries.

Based on the last six matches I’ve had (all with one or multiple Legendaries breathing down my neck), I can tell you for sure that they exist.


Legendary cards are very hard to pull from glory chests. Gem chests give you significantly better odds, but even then if you’ve only opened 20 or so I wouldn’t be surprised that you’ve gotten 0 legendary cards. It used to be easier when you got 3 troops (and ONLY troops) from keys, but now that you get one thing per key and a lot of those are traitstones, it takes a lot longer to pull high rarity troops.

Today I was extremely lucky, I drawed 2 legendary out of 12 glory keys gained from a task. So yeah, it is possible with good draws even with glory keys.

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Yesterday I pulled out silent one from 12 glory from guild chests, and last week I’ve got 3 legendary from 10 gem chests (shegra, kerberos and I another I already had so I can remember which was the third legend). Also after that I got bone dragon from 12 glory keys last week. So yeah there are, but you need to open tons of chests to get them, otherwise they wouldn’t be legendary.

Good luck to all.
Im playing since 8 mounth, have drow some legendraies, but still looking for some realy usufull ones like Keeper of Souls, Bone Dragon.

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Am also quite lucky that couple weeks ago I separately drawed Bone Dragon, Jarl Firemantle, The Silent one and Sheggra from Gem Chest. The other 3 was from glory chest that I get from my guild daily :smile:

Another Sheggra? <_>

I’m level 211 and I’ve pulled 16 legendaries and multiple copies of several. I haven’t spent money other than the $4.99 starter pack when I first started playing.

I’m level 917 and today I pulled my first Keeper of Souls from a glory key. It can take a loooong time to find the legendaries.

Guess I was extremely lucky. Pulled him at around L100. :slightly_smiling: Good pull, mac!