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Do I HAVE to use Valk or TDS in Challenges?

Things I know: equip Celestial Armor, Warlord 3 difficulty, and grind through Challenges for best soul outcome. (Tacet suggested W3. Maybe because W4 doubles monsters’ stats, compared to W3, while +% souls is negligible)

Nevertheless, I hear some people saying that I need to use Soul farming team (SFT) during that. Do I really need to? I thought of fast farming them with my Bombots, why can’t I use them? Or they want to tell me that I should use SFT, but it’s not necessarily?

You can use any team you’d like. It’s just suggested to use a farming team for maximun efficiency. Being that we would go thru quests and challenges anyway, why not get more bang for your buck? Do you have any troops traited with necromancy? If so use three of those with whatever troop gives you souls that you feel most comfortable with. A lot use valk with 3 warlocks. I always used a little different team, i liked avina better so i used her instead of valk, til i got tds now i use him. I still use warlock, but only one of him and 2 kerberos. Again, it’s whickever necromancers you like playing with best.

The idea behind “use Valkyrie” is the skill gives you bonus souls. Especially if you have Necromancy troops, that means getting more souls per win. It might take you more time than with an Elspeth team, but when farming you care less about “number of wins” but “souls per unit time”.

So if you get more souls per hour with Valkyrie, that’s why you use it. But if you figure out you get more souls per hour without it, don’t use it.

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Thank for your reply. Right now I’m having fun with Bombot teams. As for SFT, I will probably wait till I have a couple of Pharos-Ras. I have a little souls income from regular gameplay and I’m fine with that now.

Hope you have better luck than me! I’ve been waiting months hoping he’d drop. Seems to be the most elusive mythic for a lot of people. Realistically at this point i know i’m gonna have to craft him. Finally saved the diamonds up, think i only have 15k souls so i’ll farm those once he’s actually available in the soulforge. If didn’t really have a use for souls anymore til they opened that, aside from the rare occasions i’d luck out and drop a troop i’m missing. It takes a lot of resources, but imo totally worth it for someone like me who has zero luck with chests.

Pharos/Pharos/Valk/Pharos. Yeah, baby!