Do I get random defense wins out of pity?


Since the event started I set a dwarven team for def.
I was very uncreative and just put up with 4x Dwarven Miner.
I’m level 500-something and my miner is mythic and full traited but still level 1.
The stats are: atk 13, shield 19, life 30.
That’s a team even beginners can beat since the skill doesn’t do anything dangerous.
Yet every time I log in I get a summary about my defense and have the expected losses but also wins.

The result of my defense: 19 wins and 45 losses - so far.

19 is too much for connection losses or similar. Also the weird thing is, when I check the log then the wins happened always at the same time… which was when I checked (0 minutes). Even when the attackers were several random people (btw levels are 500 and up).
The losses have different time stamps and happened never just when I checked.

Weird, isn’t it?

And… some I check don’t even have losses in their stats shown. Do I get battle reports for casual battles too?

Its a known bug. You are getting pvp defense wins for being defeated in casual pvp. A 4x dwarven miner team is exactly what people are looking for in casual


You can also get some wins from disconnects.

In regular PvP, if life happens, I’ll just bail form a PvP and accept my opponent gets a free win. Since I’m not trying to hit the top 100 leader board, I don’t lose anything.