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Do Goblins live in Zaejin only?

All Goblin troops are from Zaejin, so all their teams gain Kingdom bonus. Not that I would mind, just curious, will there be another goblin kingdom?

For now, all Goblins have Zaejin as their home kingdom, but anything is possible in the future. There could easily be some kind of wandering Goblin that appears in a different kingdom, the way Barbearius is the only Urska outside of Urskaya or Sharkey is the only Merkin outside of Merlantis.

If I have good memories, tit Joe use to have as a cabin boys, 2 gobelin named Jim and Bob. He threw away them in ocean, for save this life from scylla. But who know, maybe they are still alive.


Goblin zombie from merlantis.

It’s “Merfolk” in game for a reason… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you really think I would do that? Inconceivable!


Or Goblin Torpedo.