Do anyone know the cost of Emperinas 2nd and 3rd trait?


Normal/Hard against anything in PvP. It would start being less effective around that level for people would have more kingdoms maxed and troops further ascended, meaning all troop HP would be decently higher. It works earlier at level 1-199ish for HP tends to be more in the 10-20 range. Something like Crimson Bat + a max traited Wolf Knight would work really well.


The +1 magic for having level 10kingdoms in kara and darkstone should be my first priority no matter what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep when you get around to leveling kingdoms go for Karakoth and Darkstone first, it’ll really help out your future.


Cool. Yeah, still so expensive to level it up that I want to cry. Will take a lifetime…


When that is said Ive read that they will take away the one magic from Dark Stone, is this rumors?


Rumours, yes. They just changed it to +1 magic.


Which was much needed. Devs are aware that magic stat is scarce in the late game, and won’t be changing that one back in a hurry.


I can get the stones in the challenges/Quests in Grosh’Nak?


Yes Gros Nak will drop red and brown stones along with the Arcane R/Br but very rarely.


So Emperina needs 12 of those Lava stones? 8 in the 2nd and 4 in the 3rd trait? :open_mouth:


It may seem like Mt Everest at first to get a kingdom to lvl 10 buy you’ll get there in due time. Actually it’s best to level each each kingdom to 4 or 5 for the tribute bonuses, then slowly start working on each one. Invest in a good gold generating armor (dwarf is 50 gems, Dragon is ultimate at 500 gems) to speed up the process


Thanks! Got the dwarf one! :smile: Just collecting gems for the Dragon Armour now.


Yep total of 12 for full unlock it’s a lot!


@Shimrra - is there an equivalent list of all troop traitstone requirements available?

If there are currently 20 arcane traitstone types, and 158 characters, one could hazard a guess that on average any one type of arcane traitstone will be required for 6 different troops.

I’d like to be able to see which troops use certain types of Arcane Traitstones, so that I can make sure I save up traitstones preferentially for the characters I like to play with.


So far, it seems like they Arcanes needed match the color combination of the troop.

So Blue/Yellow Troop needs Blue/Yellow Arcane Stone.


Thanks @Esoxnepa. That looks to be correct.


There is a list, I made it.

It is here.

GoW WIKI - Here!

Was more meaning something like this (to get a sense of where I may want to spend my limited Arcane traitstones)

(Apologies if any mistakes…was thrown together quite quickly)

Updated to include @Shimrra’s arcane stone count.

If I’d known this earlier, I would have spent more glory this week to buy the bundles with Arcane Storm traitstones. At least I can make a better estimate for future weeks!

Number of Troops per Color/Combo

I can get the totals from that table in 10 minutes or so, unless you’re already doing that.

(You’ve put Tauros as Blue instead of Green by the way. And Keghammer as a Legendary.)

Done. Attach to your table.

Arcane Totals

BlueBlue 20
BlueBrown 50
BlueGreen 54
BluePurple 75
BlueRed 68
BlueYellow 75
BrownBrown 21
BrownGreen 61
BrownPurple 74
BrownRed 80
BrownYellow 49
GreenGreen 5
GreenPurple 63
GreenRed 86
GreenYellow 43
PurplePurple 3
PurpleRed 65
PurpleYellow 71
RedRed 4
RedYellow 90
YellowYellow 18


Wow, just noticed that I had zero storm arcades, and hadn’t realised they were in this weeks special. So I went in and bought two packs. :slight_smile: thnx.