Diungeon Bosses Rework/Replacement

I know I’m not the only one who’s tired of fighting the same twenty-one Dungeon bosses every week. Plus, with the buffs to some of the original troops the bosses are based on, bosses like Eternal Death and Eternal Stonehammer are actually in several ways inferior to the player-ownable versions of these troops.

Instance 1: Stonehammer’s spell now creates 22 gems and gains more life, whereas Eternal Stonehammer only creates 20 and gains the same amount of life as before. The only way Eternal Stonehammer is superior is his trait which blocks all but one point of Skull damage.

Instance 2: The base damage done by regular Death is greater than the base damage done by Eternal Death. In addition, the boost ratio of Eternal Death (3:1) has not changed, but the boost ratio of regular Death has been buffed (2:1). The only way Death is inferior to Eternal Death is that Aspect of Death only drains 2 life from the first opponent each turn, whereas Mega-Aspect of Death drains 3 life.

“Nerfing” the regular troops is not an option in this instance, so the logical thing to do would be to either: make them more powerful, OR, replace them with different bosses, possibly based on newer troops that can cause damage or increase their own power through their spells and traits. In my opinion, a boss such as a souped-up version of Tesla, Obsidius, or Euryali, to name a few, would be interesting new bosses to include in the Dungeon, possibly replacing some of the current Dungeon bosses.

The Dungeon bosses kind of get boring after a while if you’ve mastered how to beat all of them. Variety would be appreciated, and I’m sure it wouldn’t just be me.

In any case, this is a great game, keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully take into account my idea. #Gems4Life

Thank you to anyone who reads this!


or what if it was like a delve and went on forever? Or if they just leveled up and got harder each week. or you could pay gold to buff them up?

@Acherion That’s not really what I had in mind. I don’t want the bosses to be too difficult, I just want some variety and a little bit of extra challenge.

This is one of the last things I’d like to see worked on personally because I spend more time per day on the adventure board than I do here. Just a few quick battles for some diamonds and then play events, pvp, and guild wars. Also, I feel like overcomplicating dungeon battles would lead to more frustration than enjoyment since level 100s already have a really tough time getting useful troops and kneecapping them with tougher battles or more complex and diverse bosses in the one mode that leads to a guaranteed mythic is not the best solution for them.

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None of the teams are really constructed in such a way where the bosses get a chance to cost, even to lower level scaling options (ie., armor stacked rowanne), so it mostly doesn’t matter what they do. For the past, well, since the start probably, these have been trivial speed bump battles to gate low-hanging fruit from the extremely low leveled collection-poor players. I wouldn’t be in favor of anything akin to an actual challenge increase unless they gave out significantly increased rewards, and I don’t think they’d be willing to do that, not to mention that any “actual challenge” would more than likely also include the use of obnoxious empowered and stat inflations of about 4x what they are now, which is way likely to just be more consuming than offer a fun or interesting puzzle to solve using team building and counterplay.


Oh, I was just thinking of it being a way to connect midgame content to endgame content. I think that would give new life to some of the stuff here.