Disturbing "upgrade offer" countdown

On PS4, suddenly there’s an “upgrade offer” for the last Legendary drop with a 24h countdown ticking down - clearly visible in the map page UI with no way of disabling it? If there’s no way of disabling it, it is quite obvious that it will draw the players’ eyes as a consistent eyesore and significantly detract from the experience. I feel certain that more players than me will see it as an attempt by the game to nag us into spending more money on it. So my request is: Either remove this countdown immediately, or introduce an option to disable it.


It looks like they finally were able to bring Flash Offers to the PS4. Look forward to seeing more of these offers, they show up usually on Fridays and major holidays.

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That’s exactly what it is, we’ve had them on eg Android for ages.

You learn to ignore it pretty quickly

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It’s a nag. The alternative is constant popups, so this is slightly better. :frowning:

It’s indeed a nag, but thanks goddess it’s just on the main ui.
Most (if not all?) of the gaming experience comes from playing the matches themselves and talking shit in the chat, the main map is there for the meh after a certain point. In both cases, we’re slipping those counters.
As Sly said, other games have popups and stuff even in the menus and in the core content. I’d rather take this lesser cirle of hell of a counter any time.

It’s way better than advertisement pop-ups. Also since it’s on the main screen, it’s not in your face all the time

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Thanks for the input, I see your point(s) :grinning:
But I guess this is just a little too distracting for me though, since it’s constant instead of a dialog you can quickly exit, like the old kind of offers. Have fun playing. :slight_smile:

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